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8 Singing Time Ideas for Come, Follow Me Hymn - Primary Singing

I’m so excited for the new year ahead and the new singing time format. It does mean more planning and thoughtful consideration for all of us Primary Music Leaders, but that’s a good thing. It means we can be lead more by the spirit to come up with lessons and activities that can really teach...Read More

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Would I Know My Savior?

Would I Know My Savior?

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Snowball Singing 2

About a year ago I posted 'Snowball Singing'. It's a fun way to choose songs and fun ways to sing each song. I love to save myself some time prepping. So I'm going to use it again. But change it a bit. We are still learning 'As a Child of God'. My JR is very slow learning it. So we need something for them to sing it over and over but in a fun way. So I'm going to use a variation of Snowball Singing. I know my JR kiddos will LOVE this, SR probably will too.. Click HERE to download the file…

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Primary Music Notes

Sharing ideas for other primary music choristers for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

30 Singing Time Games!For LDS Primary

A resource for Primary Choristers to save their sanity!

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38 Ways to Sing it Again: Silly Ideas for Your Children's Choir | Ashley Danyew

“Good! Now, sing it again.” How many times do you hear yourself saying these words in rehearsal? We all know the importance of repetition. This is how we learn - by trying, experiencing, and doing it again and again. The problem is, often, this becomes something we do mindlessly. When we

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Review Game: Candy for Courage - Primary Singing

This genius idea I learned from the LDS Primary Music Leaders Facebook Group. I created a cute printable to make it easier to access for other choristers, but the idea isn’t by any means my own. Affiliate links are used in this post. —> Click to Save/Pin This Post

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5 Easy, NO Effort Singing Time Ideas for Kids - Lou Lou Girls

I’m in charge of singing time for approximately 40 kids ages 3-8 in my church every Sunday. And, because I’m a procrastinator, every Saturday night I’m always looking for easy games to play with the kids to keep them entertained and interested for 20 minutes. I just had to share some of my favorites, go … Continue reading "5 Easy, NO Effort Singing Time Ideas for Kids"

Battle-Shirts! Singing time idea - The Painters Wife

Alright, Father’s Day is coming up… But this isn’t my official DayOf activity But under the theme of Dads and priesthood and all that: Battle-Shirts! This is modeled after the Battleship game you play with the boards and the little ships and the colored pegs Instead of letters and numbers, I did colors of the […]

Music for Singing Time 2021

Camille's Primary Ideas: Music for Singing Time 2021 are suggested songs that follows the Come Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants curriculum

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Keep the Commandments - Sway and Freeze - Primary Singing

One fun game I have planned for this month while teaching Keep the Commandments is a child-led Sway and Freeze game! Since the song, Keep the Commandments, is all about following the commandments we’ll play up that theme with putting a leader in charge! —> Click to Pin/Save This Post!

Come, Follow Me - Ribbon Wands - Primary Singing

Once you’ve learned this fun song, let the children experience the melody and music in this engaging way! The slower melody of this song is perfect for introducing ribbon wands to help feel the song as you dance along with the music, and of course sing too! —> Click to Pin/Save This Post!

Christmas Primary Singing Time Ideas

Primary Singing Time Ideas and Printables for LDS Primary Music Choristers

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Music for Singing Time 2020 - Singing Time Ideas | LDS | Camille's Primary Ideas

Camille's Primary Ideas: Music for Singing Time 2020 are suggested songs that follows the Come Follow Me - Primary curriculum