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Theridion grallator, the 'Happy Face' spider of Hawaii. Happy Face or Sad face I can't stand spiders--they creep me out big time. Cool Insects, Bugs And Insects, Beautiful Creatures, Animals Beautiful, Cute Animals, Beautiful Bugs, Amazing Nature, Beautiful Butterflies, Spiders And Snakes

Meet the Happy Face spider, the insect that will make even arachnophobics smile

This tiny creature may only be a few millimetres long, but he has a smile as big as his abdomen. Nicknamed 'Happy Face', this beautiful image was taken on the island of Maui in Hawaii where the animals inhabit.

WEIRD Creatures of The Deep Sea - Animals What lives deep down the sea? This is a documentary about creatures from the deep sea which have never been seen before Especie Animal, Mundo Animal, Deep Sea Creatures, Weird Creatures, Mythical Creatures, Art Beauté, Fauna Marina, Fantasy Kunst, Underwater Life

8 bizarre newly discovered deep sea creatures

In many ways the deep sea is the last great unexplored frontier on Earth. Far beneath the sun's reach, down in the darkest depths, there is a bounty of mysterio

Here is a photo of DUMBO OCTOPUS. An interesting animal from deep sea. about dumbo octopus wikipedia-English bi garip bi enteresan,bi komik sanki dil çıkarıyor gibi. Bizarre Animals, Rare Animals, Unique Animals, Exotic Animals, Deep Sea Creatures, Weird Creatures, Deep Sea Animals, Beautiful Creatures, Animals Beautiful

22 Strange Animals You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

Most of us don't grasp the variety of animals species that inhabit the Earth today, and some even get surprised as they find out there's an animal they haven't heard of before. But seriously now - out of 1,367,555 identified non-insect animal species that live on Earth today, how do you expect to know every single one of them? Inspired by reddit, we put together a selection of 22 animals you probably didn't know existed.

Funny pictures about The freaking scariest thing you've seen. Oh, and cool pics about The freaking scariest thing you've seen. Also, The freaking scariest thing you've seen. Tierischer Humor, Funny Humor, Funny Animals, Cute Animals, Scary Animals, Strange Animals, Wild Animals, Especie Animal, Hilarious Pictures

Who's taken my fur coat? Vets baffled by bald bears with mystery condition

You'd have thought a fur coat would have been the ultimate bear necessity.

Check out these bizarre sea monsters a Russian fisherman caught during his deep sea fishing trip. Deep Sea Creatures, Weird Creatures, Weird Fish, Scary Fish, Alien Fish, Underwater Creatures, Deep Sea Fishing, Rare Animals, Bizarre Animals

24 Deep-Sea Catches That Will Haunt Your Dreams

What this deep sea Russian fisherman pulls out of the ocean will be your new nightmare fuel.

Sea Sponge Looks Like an Underwater Cookie Monster - Éponge de mer Underwater Animals, Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Ocean Creatures, Sea Sponge, Sponge Bob, Tier Fotos, Sea World, Ocean Life

Cookie likey - blue sea sponge is a dead ringer for the cookie mon

The stove pipe sponge is actually an underwater sea creature which lives in warm waters around the Carribean.

How scary the ocean is. 15 Photos That Will Make You Think Twice About Going Swimming Cool Pictures, Cool Photos, Funny Pictures, Rare Pictures, Animal Pictures, Beautiful Pictures, Weird Facts, Fun Facts, Funny Animals

15 Photos That Will Make You Think Twice About Going Swimming

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So not a sea Spider. More like alien facehugger! Seriously though, its a concept facehugger that they never used from alien Sea Spider, Oh Hell No, Funny Memes, Hilarious, Jokes, Funniest Memes, Xenomorph, Bizarre, Lol

The Best Funny Pictures Of Today’s Internet

In order to save you some time, we've searched the entire internet to bring you the best funny pictures of the day. This one's on us. You enjoy.

Super Mutant Cow On Steroids. For those who have never seen a Belgian Blue Cow in person, the experience is dramatic. Farm Animals, Animals And Pets, Funny Animals, Cute Animals, Belgian Blue Cattle, Cow Puns, Cow Meme, Bull Cow, Gado

A cow born without the protein Myostatin which allowed for unrestricted muscle growth

A cow born without the protein Myostatin which allowed for unrestricted muscle growth - Imgur

Caterpillar of Saturniidae Moth in Switzerland. It may not be "Wings of Beauty" yet, but a caterpillar this colorful has to turn into a beautiful moth! Beautiful Bugs, Beautiful Butterflies, Amazing Nature, Stunningly Beautiful, Absolutely Stunning, Beautiful Things, Beautiful Flowers, Beautiful Pictures, Unusual Flowers

21 Stunning Caterpillars That Won't Leave You Grossed Out But In Awe

21 Stunning Caterpillars That Won't Leave You Grossed Out But In Awe - World's largest collection of cat memes and other animals

Funny pictures about A Ruby Throated Hummingbird. Oh, and cool pics about A Ruby Throated Hummingbird. Also, A Ruby Throated Hummingbird photos. Pretty Birds, Love Birds, Beautiful Birds, Animals Beautiful, Birds 2, Angry Birds, Exotic Birds, Colorful Birds, Tropical Birds

14 Unbelievably Tiny Animals You NEVER Even Knew Existed!

The same part of our brain that compels us to care for infants shoots all sorts of sparks when we see a little puppy or kitten! Did you know that there are some animals that never get larger, and stay unbelievably adorable forever? We’re famous for showing you the very best cute kitties and doggies, but now we...

Feather starfish is another sea creature unique and cleverly designed. Ringed pipefish are distributed widely through the Red Sea, the Indo-Pacific, Australia Underwater Creatures, Underwater Life, Underwater Shipwreck, Underwater Tattoo, Titanic Underwater, Underwater Wallpaper, Underwater Model, Underwater Background, Underwater Plants


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Known as Polychaetes (bristle worms), they survive intense sea pressures where sunlight never penetrates. Picture: CRASSOUS/SPL/BARCROFT Creatures of the deep: terrifying macro pictures of polychaetes. Deep Sea Creatures, Weird Creatures, Macro Pictures, Ocean Deep, Electron Microscope, Creature Design, Ocean Life, Science And Nature, Pisces

Monsters of the deep: Tiny sea creatures that never see sunlight look like they're from another planet

New images of the extraordinary animals living on the Earth's deepest oceans, which could shed light on the existence of alien life, have been released by scientists.

Nope nope nope no way<====it is a flipping slender man mermaid! It belongs in the screwthatistan ocean!<<<LOL this should be creepy but it's funny because of these comments 😂 Weird Facts, Fun Facts, Unusual Facts, Random Facts, Interesting Facts, Comic Cat, Supernatural Series, Que Horror, Pseudo Science

Nope nope nope no way no freaking nope

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