ARMENIA, COLOMBIA - Eje cafetero Colombia

Eje Cafetero, Colombia - This area produces coffee; nearly 700 traditional coffee haciendas provide lodging and a glimpse of traditional life, and many offer horseback tours in lush countryside with the Andes as a dramatic backdrop.

Valley De Cocora, Colombia

This piece of scenery in California is very aesthetically pleasing as well as being a good example of line (the trees), overlapping, distance, and texture. It also has a distinct viewpoint.

Valle de Cocora: Quindío, Colombia

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Termales de Santa Rosa de Cabal #colombia

Termales de Santa Rosa de Cabal Every time I go to Colombia I make sure I go to Termales at least once, I love it there!

Colombia ,Manizales

Amazing view in Manizales, Colombia. In the front you can see the ancient cathedral of Manizales, and in the back stands the Andes mountain range.

Hiking the Incredible Valley of Cocora among Wax Palms in Colombia

Hiking the Cocora Valley in Colombia