Colombian Architect Simon Velez... Amazing bridge made of Bamboo

Bamboo Bridge by Colombian Architect Simon Velez. To combat heat and humidity of "wearing" on a bamboo bridge Velez filled the bamboo sticks with gravel.

Bamboo Bridge at the The Crosswaters Ecolodge, in China a proyect by Simon Velez, a Colombian Architect, specialized in the use of Guadua.

View inside the bamboo bridge at the Crosswaters Ecolodge in China. The bridge was designed by Simon Velez. - photo from luxury.

People living in Medellin, Colombia, have had to trek up hundreds of steps which is the equivalent to a 28-story building but can now use outdoor escalators instead.  Six sections of escalators allow people living on all parts of the hillside to have access to it.

Going up! Colombian shanty town installs giant outdoor escalators to relief of residents spared a trudge up steps (equivalent to climbing 28-storey building)

Outdoor escalators installed in one of Medellin’s poorest districts.

Eco friendly building designs can make all the difference! And boy, doesn't it look super sexy?

Cellular Green-Roofed Pajariro Jardin Infantil La Aurora Kindergarten Sprouts in Colombia...

Cellular Green-Roofed Pajariro Jardin Infantil La Aurora Kindergarten Sprouts in Colombia

Spain Library Park in Medellin, Colombia. By Giancarlo Mazzanti (Considered one of the most innovative Library designs in the World)

Completed in 2005 in Santo Domingo, Colombia. Images by Sergio Gómez. Background and needs The Project is located on one of the hillsides that have been affected by the violence since the because of the drug.

Biblioteca España, the public library in Medellin Colombia.  Was it built to look like a giant rock???? It's kind of awesome.

Amazing libraries around the world [PICS]

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Architecture for social change. New community center for a slum in colombia.    giancarlo mazzanti: bosque de la esperanza  image: alejandra loreto

giancarlo mazzanti: bosque de la esperanza

giancarlo mazzanti: bosque de la esperanza, featuring a 700 canopy structure comprised of prefabricated dodecahedrons, the design is read as a cluster of trees against the muted and monotonous background of the slum settlement.