Colleen Daisy

Colleen Daisy

Colleen Daisy
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Meat Lover’s Pizza Skillet Ravioli

Meat Lover's Pizza Skillet Ravioli - melted cheese & three kinds of meat make this pasta dish a hit at the dinner table. Great recipe for busy nights! Sponsored by HORMEL® Pepperoni

Peanut Butter Double Chocolate Delight

This Peanut Butter Double Chocolate Delight is a new spin on a family favorite that will have you coming back for seconds. A three-in-one dessert. Part peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, part cheesecake, part chocolate pie.

Bucket Bread - Baguette

Bucket Bread Baguette - Pinner said: This is the bread recipe that changed my life. Make baguettes, boules, pizza crusts and sweet rolls all from one recipe. Plus, no kneading!

Big Fat Greek Tacos

Imagine tender meat topped with a zesty cucumber salsa and creamy tzatziki sauce and all of it wrapped in soft wrap bread. Yep, these Big Fat Greek Tacos are good.