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Мастерим кулон из дерева и эпоксидной смолы.
a necklace that has some kind of thing inside of it on a black background with stars in the sky
Minareli Kolye
a necklace with an image of the city in gold glitters on it, hanging from a leather cord
Altın Venge Kolye
a glass pendant with an image of a tree in the sky and stars on it
Mavi Çiçekli Damla
a glass pendant with some plants in it on a leather cord hanging from a black background
Maun Reçine Kolye
several wooden trays and bowls are on display at a table with other items in the background
Spring 2020!
a wooden pendant with turquoise stones in it on a black background and a chain hanging from the front
Turkuaz Taşlı Reçine Kolye
a wooden pendant with green and blue designs on it hanging from a black cord necklace
Asos Çiçekli Kolye
a wooden ring with green and white glitters on it's sides, sitting on a table
25+ super rzeczy, które znajdziesz na Etsy
a green and yellow flower is in the center of a glass pendant on a black background
Yeşilce Epoksi Kolye