Coco puff Lola

Coco puff Lola

Coco puff Lola
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"Surely you can't be serious." I take in a deep breath in an attempt to keep the pathetic words from escaping my lips. I exhale and accidentally let them roll off my tongue." --excerpt by beth gatsby

How to Draw Hair

Sketch it out. Start with the darkest areas. Fill in the medium areas, also you should try shading in sections. Add finishing touches and you're done! I know it's not perfect but it was a quick tutorial!

this is so cute i love this i love minecraft & i love cats & i'm so happy my mom let's me have 2 pin bords

Minecraft Cats by ~Nerfuffle on deviantART --- This could be why creepers hate cats! The only thing is, cats don't chase the creepers, creepers just run away.