17 Pins
some type of text that is written in different languages, including the word's name and
Lo siento. Perdoname. Gracias. Te amo
a piece of paper with writing on it and a pen in front of it that says coran mio
Amor-para Mi Novia-palabras-imagenes-esposa-mensajes 66E
an old man with white hair and a quote on it that says, el hombre int
Frases de inteligencia, Frases deArthur Schopenhauer 5 - Frases de la vida
a man in a suit and tie sitting at a table
• 81 Frases de Jim Rohn para ser mejor y ganar más desde ya.
a pink background with a colorful butterfly on it's back and the words benedecio
Buenos Dias Para Enviar
a poster with the words in spanish and english on it, which are also written in different languages
Frases de politicos
a man sitting on top of a table with his hands clasped
Los Cinco Recordatorios
a black and white photo with the words'una muer no es bella por el marco de su cuero, sin por la arquieterra
an old man with a turban and beard in front of a quote from the book
Ideas, Ser Feliz, Libros, Calendario De Adviento, Tips
a person holding a pencil in their right hand and writing on paper with the words written below it