Tostones con guacamole son mas saludables de los chips o papas fritas.

GF Vegan, [[Tostones con Mojo]] I have made these for YEARS. A Colombian friend of ours taught me how to prepare this fantastic dish, just never found the same recipe online (until now.) Wanted to share on of our family favorites.

Receta de Bandeja Pisa Colombia

Bandeja Paisa (Paisa Platter)

Sancocho Antioqueño o Paisa (Paisa Region Soup) |

Sancocho Antioqueño o Paisa (Paisa Region Soup)

Salpicón de Frutas Colombia, cocina, receta, recipe, colombian, comida.

This is a very typical Colombian drink. It's a mixture of a different chopped tropical fruits with a fizzy drink. Any fruit combination is possible

Empanadas de Colombia.

Empanadas from Colombia

Colombian empanadas are similar to other empanadas, but these are difference. The Colombian empanada is made of a corn meal flour and it is generally deep fried. They are an excellent Colombian food.

Cazuela de mariscos!!!! Yummy :)

This a fabulous seafood dish and it is one of our favourites for special dinners. It's both an aphrodisiac and a good hearty thick soup.

Festival de frutas Colombianas!!!

Typical fruits from Colombia! Colombia is very famous for its variety of fruits. You can get fruits everywhere. There is no supermarket close to you? Probably you can get your vitamins from a street stand as well!


Arroz Atollado Colombiano (Colombian-Style Pork Risotto)

Arroz Atollado: This is a typical rice and pork dish from the Colombian region ” Valle del Cauca”. It’s perfect to feed a crowd.

Cholado, bebida típica de Cali.

Colombian Cholado, an icy beverage made with fresh fruit, condensed milk, sweet syrups and crushed ice.

Receta de Pernil de Cerdo Colombiano|

Pernil Asado Colombiano

Almost every Sunday afternoon while growing up in Colombia, my family would get together at my grandmother's house. Cousins, uncles, aunts, and my immediate

Carne Desmechada o Ropa Vieja (Shredded Beef) |

Carne Desmechada o Ropa Vieja