Colombia - El sombrero vueltiao es una prenda de vestir típica de las sabanas de Córdoba, Sucre y Bolívar, y una de las principales piezas de artesanía de Colombia.

The sombrero is one of the famous traditions in Colombia. The one on the foto is a typical, artisanal hat of the departments of Córdoba, Sucre and Bolívar.

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Empanadas from Colombia

Colombian empanadas are similar to other empanadas, but these are difference. The Colombian empanada is made of a corn meal flour and it is generally deep fried. They are an excellent Colombian food.

Desierto de la Tatacoa (Huila, Colombia)

Desierto de la Tatacoa, Huila, Colombia, which is the second largest arid zone in Colombia and occupies 330 square kilometers of the land. Perfect place to just catch your breath and enjoy the silence in the sun.

Playa Brava, Parque Nacional Tayrona, Colombia

Playa Brava, Parque Tayrona in Colombia. Breathtaking and highly recommended! Be aware of the strong currents, I almost drown here.

El Hoyo Soplador en la Punta Sur de la isla de San Andrés, un atractivo natural que debes conocer :D #HosteriaMarySol

"Hoyo Soplador" San Andres, Colombia -When waves "hit" the rocky shore, there is an inlet below the surface that water is forced through and erupts from underground with a force of a gayzer.

Veja ciudad de Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Clock Tower Gate: The principal entrance of the old city of Cartagena de Indias, Columbia by enfi

Santander Colombia.  Cañon Del Chicamocha,Santander,Colombia. by J.A.R.G., via Flickr

Santander Colombia. Cañon Del Chicamocha,Santander,Colombia. by J.A.R.G., via Flickr

Artesania : obras con sello personal - Taringa!

Artesania : obras con sello personal

Transporting the recent crafts to the local market - only in Colombia!