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a painting of a woman wearing a tiara with jewels on it's head
a painting with pearls on it and a woman's face in the middle, surrounded by beads
an image of a woman holding a child in her arms with the words camera roll on it
Blessed Mother, Mary and Jesus, Child of God, Print on Natural Wooden Block Icon, Modern Christian Art Decor - Etsy UK
Madonna and Child Mary and Jesus folk art icon religious
a painting of the virgin mary holding a baby in her arms with stars above it
Illumination - tapestry kit by Royal Paris (variant 9880142\0064)
An attractive picture of the Madonna and Chid
a drawing of a blue bowl with gold trimmings on the rim and bottom
Mother and Child, Blessed Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus Holy Family Stock Illustration - Illustration of blessed, baby: 62770829
a painting of a woman holding a star above her head in the dark night sky
Omg, isn't Mama just sooo beautiful?? #SanctaDeiGenetrix #OraProNobis
a painting of a woman holding a child
a wall mounted clock with an image of the virgin mary on it's face