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Samus Aran / SNES-era by

Samus Aran / SNES-era by cobaltplasma on DeviantArt

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Samus battle damaged by on @DeviantArt

Samus battle damaged by longai on DeviantArt

Samus battle damaged. Samus battle damaged

Samus Aran comic by artist Rusty Shackles

Insert Quarter-Bin: The Art of Merging Games and Comics - The Retroist

The three faux comic covers I’ve included in this post are from a great site I’ve just discovered called Insert Quarter-Bin. Created by artist Rusty Shackles, it aims to “… be more than mere paltry mash-ups, IQB seeks to explore symmetries and celebrate 2 mediums simultaneously…” and I think he’s cracked it here! If you …

Super Metroid Tribute by on @deviantART

Super Metroid Tribute by sarrus on DeviantArt

Here it is, finished. Part of the Super Metroid 20th Anniversary tribute organised by :Game-Art-HQ: Where to start... For me, this is my upmost favourit... Super Metroid Tribute

Samus - Metroid - Tommaso Renieri

Samus fanart by tommasorenieri on DeviantArt

Samus Aran fanart 1 hour and a half Photoshop Samus fanart

Nick Derington - Boss Fight - The Brain

Nick Derington - Boss Fight -

Nick Derington a créé ces 3 superbes pièces en l’honneur des 3 boss de fin de la Sainte Trinité Nintendo (Zelda, Metroïd et Mario). Ces sérigraphies imprimées main par Nakatomi Inc seront en vente ce mardi sur leur store ! Nick Derrington est un artiste ayant travaillé pour DC Comics, Marvel, Mondo, et ayant également travaillé en …

Super Metroid by イドンさん

Kazu's Closed Ice Box

alfimi: “Super Metroid by イドンさん ”

Zero Suit Samus - 12 by on @deviantART

Zero Suit Samus - 12 by SebastianvonBuchwald on DeviantArt

BLOG - TUMBLR - TWITTER - COMMISSIONS I timed myself for this one, it was done in a little over an hour and half. An... Zero Suit Samus - 12

Metroid - Samus Aran by on @DeviantArt

Metroid - Samus Aran by Hananon on DeviantArt

LOL drawing Samus in zero suit is kinda like drawing a nude girl... ==================== Talk about the drawing Nothing, just a usual drawing with a lit... Metroid - Samus Aran

Metroid by Didi-Esmeralda

Samus - Metroid - Nintendo by Didi-Esmeralda on DeviantArt

Support my work on Patreon Link Info Commissions Slot Commissions Mayo 2015 1) Patreon Pat... Samus - Metroid - Nintendo

Samus by on @deviantART

Samus by Mass-Maniac on DeviantArt

This is just something I did for art class. There are quite a few errors I didn't fix. P.S. Sorry for being inactive for over a year. Samus

M is for Metroid - Marco D’Alfonso


pixalry: “M is for Metroid - Created by Marco D’Alfonso Part of the 10th Anniversary Art Show opening June 18th at Iam8bit. You can also follow Marco on Tumblr. ”