Eros and Psyche

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Hellenic Psyche and Poetic Eros blog(Greek Poetry in english)

Chryssanthie Polyzou
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Hellenic Psyche and Poetic Eros: Dione Dimitriadou Eros And Psyche, Greek Gods, Gods And Goddesses, Greek Mythology, Ancient Greece, Romantic, Short Films, Thesis, Art Inspo

Dione Dimitriadou

Detail of Portrait of a Woman Holding a Pencil and a Drawing by Robert Lefèvre, ca. 1808 [With a soft pencil] With a soft pencil sliding on a piece of paper poems of love are written The other, the hard one of eros, asks for a sharp spike To fall violently and engrave the pages And when the paper becomes a rag it asks to write on your very flesh Who said that love is just for fun? Nor is poetry for sure. Dione Dimitriadou [ΜΕ ΜΑΛΑΚΟ ΜΟΛΥΒΙ] με μαλακό μολύβι να γλιστράει στο χαρτί γράφονται…

Sydney Bella Sparrow Three Greens Convene 2009 - still life quick heart Still Life 2, Be Still, Realistic Paintings, Painting Still Life, Still Life Photography, Green And Brown, Shades Of Green, My Favorite Color, Still Life

Kiki Dimoula

Sydney Bella Sparrow, three greens , 2009 That is the way relationships and addictions must be sewn, with scarce , loose stitches, to be unpicked easily. Kiki Dimoula Έτσι πρέπει να ράβονται οι σχέσεις κι οι εξαρτήσεις, με αραιές, χαλαρές βελονιές, για να μπορούν να ξηλώνονται εύκολα... ~Κική Δημουλά~

Dido of Carthage Centaur & Cupid Roman marble statue from the Ist-IInd centuries which is kept in the Louvre Museum in Paris and which comes from the former Borghese Collection. Roman Sculpture, Sculpture Art, Sculpture Garden, Mythological Creatures, Mythical Creatures, Hellenistic Art, Sculpture Romaine, Louvre Museum, Eros And Psyche

Chryssanthie Polyzou

Old Centaur teased by Eros, roman copy of a classical greek original, Louvre I was trying to hear you by being an apprentice to the sound of absence. Where does all that Love go when eyes lose sight of eyes and lips embrace silence? Does it become a night prayer or a Centaur shirt to scratch the tender flesh of the word? Chryssanthie Polyzou , Oropedio spring summer 2018 Σ’ αφουγκραζόμουν μαθητεύοντας στον ήχο της απουσίας. Πού πάει αλήθεια τόσος Έρωτας όταν τα μάτια χάνονται και τα χείλη…

Little Red Riding Hood - Le petit Chaperon Rouge - Beth Conklin - "Innocence" Zine, Big Bad Wolf, Pop Surrealism, Cool Posters, Heart Art, Red Riding Hood, Character Illustration, Little Red, Collage

Thanassis Kostavaras

Beth Conklin, here on Earth. (Innocence). So much I loved you that I believed I had touched innocence. And being a wolf I came scratching at your door. For you to come out and throw just a tender glance to me and make my eyes clouded from happiness. So much I loved you that I believed I became invisible. I became air always to be with you. To touch you with the legends of the woods to describe you the shadows of the sea. And give you away the spells, the magic spells asked for Paradise to be…

Eos( Aurora) was the Greek goddess of the Dawn in Greek mythology, and although her name might not be amongst the most famous of Greek deities, Eos played an important role in bring light to the earth each day. Jose de Madrazo y Agudo Spanish . Illumination Spirituelle, Legends And Myths, Spiritus, Art Graphique, Greek Mythology, Deities, Aurora, Amazing Art, Find Art

Christos Laskaris

Aurora - Jose de Madrazo y Agudo (1781-1859) Innocence Aurora knows nothing when she breaks happy and gets stronger and evolves into day. nothing of the darkness that approaches. Christos Laskaris Αθωότητα Δεν ξέρει τίποτα η αυγή όταν χαράζει ευτυχισμένη και δυναμώνει και σε μέρα ξετυλίγεται. τίποτα απ' το σκοτάδι που ζυγώνει. Χρίστος Λάσκαρης

Andrew Wyeth, American, 1917 - 2009 Wind from the tempera on hardboard overall: 47 x 70 cm x 27 in.) framed: x x 7 cm x 35 x 2 in.) Gift of Charles H. Morgan On View at the National Art Gallery, Washington. (C) Andrew Wyeth Andrew Wyeth Paintings, Andrew Wyeth Art, Jamie Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth Prints, National Gallery Of Art, Art Gallery, National Art, Grant Wood, Sea Art

Tassos Roussos

Andrew Wyeth, wind from the sea It blows hard… Now I have as cover those days of summer with the sea rustling and our mind glowing azure. Fresh foliage sunk deeply into dreams now that the streets are carved by noises and our friend is the most hunted beast. I have nothing but this worn coat having a hole at the side of the heart from where enters the yellow wind of spring. It blows hard till memory. Tassos Roussos. Φυσάει πολύ... Τώρα έχω για σκέπασμα τις μέρες εκείνες του καλοκαιριού όταν…

The Tower of Babel (La tour de Babel), by Pieter Bruegel l'Ancien (the Elder) (Flemish, in Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam Google Art Project, Painting Frames, Painting Prints, Canvas Prints, Art Paintings, Canvas Art, Painting Wallpaper, Artist Canvas, Watercolor Paintings

Chryssanthie Polyzou

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Tower of Babel (Vienna) Little Bible "To love means to glorify" Giorgos Chimonas I was setting up my own Babel tower. Not to touch the sky. No. Just to glorify you. But the only thing I trully needed was an Ark to spare me from your deluge. Chryssanthie Polyzou Μικρή Βίβλος "Αγαπώ σημαίνει κάνω κάποιον ένδοξο" Γιώργος Χειμωνάς Έστηνα τη δική μου Βαβέλ. Όχι για ν' αγγίξω τον ουρανό. Όχι. Μονάχα για να σε δοξάζω. Μα το μόνο που τελικά χρειάστηκα ήταν μια Κιβωτός…

woman and shadow, yorgos rorris Psychology Online, Psychology University, Psychology Careers, Eros And Psyche, Medusa Art, Social Art, Greek Art, Gatos, Lyrics

Chryssanthie Polyzou

G. Rorris, "woman and shadow" I shut my eyes to leave outside the darkness of your absence. Inside me , light everywhere your figure glows... Chryssanthie Polyzou { { { { { Σφαλίζω τα μάτια ν' αφήσω έξω το σκοτάδι της απουσίας σου. Μέσα μου, φως παντού. Θάλλει η μορφή σου... Χρυσάνθη Πολύζου

The Chess Game (Portrait of the artist's sisters playing chess) by Sofonisba Anguissola National Museum in Poznań, Poland. Lucia, Minerva and Europa Anguissola playing chess. Many of Anguissola's paintings feature self-portraits and her family. Renaissance Kunst, Italian Renaissance, Renaissance Portraits, Michelangelo, Infinite Art, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Female Painters, Italian Painters, Local Painters

Nassos Vagenas

Sofonisba Anguissola, the chess game, 1555 How can I beat you. You set the rules. And you take all of my soldiers one by one.You surround my towers. My knights are scared and wander around at a loss. But how could I beat you. My very queen is fooling around. She keeps betraying me among the weeds with your soldiers and bishops. Nassos Vagenas Πώς να σε κερδίσω. Με παίζεις όπως θέλεις. Και μου παίρνεις έναν-έναν τους στρατιώτες. Μου κυκλώνεις . τους πύργους. Τ’ άλογά μου έχουν τρομάξει και…

The Glory of Russian Painting: Isaak Levitan Russian Landscape, Urban Landscape, Landscape Art, Landscape Paintings, Landscape Lighting, Russian Painting, Russian Art, Art Et Architecture, American Impressionism

Hector Kaknavatos

Chryssanthie Polyzou, summer in Scopelos, 2018 6 Little sparrow tell her if you see her she made of me a cicada that has never taken joy out of fire nor of the glow of the wells of the silence of the split figs or the seduced bluish purple sea the startled noon tell her she made of me a voiceless cicada. Hector Kaknavatos 6 Σπούργε αν τηνε δεις ναν της το πεις που μ’ έκανε τζιτζίκι που όμως δεν την χάρηκε την πυρκαϊά των πηγαδιών τη λάμψη των σχισμένων σύκων τη σιωπή το μαυλισμένο μπλάβο…

Hellenic Psyche and Poetic Eros: Michalis Ganas Eros And Psyche, Auguste Rodin, Garden Sculpture, Statue, Sculpture, Sculptures

Michalis Ganas

Auguste Rodin, Pygmalion and Galatea, 1908 I form you little by little every night. Every crack of dawn I crumble and fall with you. I 'll never see you as a whole. Nor will I have you. Every time your limbs are freshly made and scattered. I ve been omnipotent for your sake but not a God. What shall I do with such omnipotence when miracles are forbidden? Michalis Ganas Σε πλάθω λίγο λίγο κάθε νύχτα. Ερχεται η μέρα και γκρεμίζομαι μαζί σου. Ολόκληρη δεν θα σε δω ποτέ. Ούτε θα σ' έχω. Κάθε…

Hellenic Psyche and Poetic Eros: Myrsini Gana Eros And Psyche, Greek, Museum, Statue, Art, Cattle, Art Background, Greek Language, Kunst

Myrsini Gana

Eros, National and archeological museum of Athens (photo C. Polyzou) Each love story is a language. Until you conquer its grammar, the exceptions, all the irregular verbs one of its two native speakers has already fallen to dementia. Myrsini Gana Κάθε έρωτας είναι μια γλώσσα. Μέχρι να κατακτήσεις τη γραμματική, τις εξαιρέσεις, όλα τα ανώμαλα ρήματα, ένας από τους δυο φυσικούς ομιλητές της έχει παραδοθεί στην άνοια. Μυρσίνη Γκανά

The poet, by Angel Zarraga - Angel Zárraga as art print or hand painted oil. Expo Grand Palais, Eros And Psyche, Diego Rivera, Canvas Prints, Art Prints, Medium Art, Female Art, Erotic, Art Photography

Michalis Ganas

Angel Zárraga (1886 - 1946), The poet Postscript on a reading ( To Joseph Brodsky) Oh Lord, make me worthy of reading more of his poems without blunting in the least my jealousy for seeing someone else translating exquisitely my silences. And throw me to hell afterwards or wherever they speak russian. Michalis Ganás ΥΣΤΕΡΟΓΡΑΦΟ ΣΕ ΜΙΑ ΑΝΑΓΝΩΣΗ (Στον Γιόζεφ Μπρόντσκι) Κύριε αξίωσέ με να διαβάσω και άλλα ποιήματά του χωρίς ν’ αμβλύνεις στο ελάχιστο τη ζήλια μου που βλέπω κάποιον άλλο να…

Image is Copyrighted and Property of its respective owner About the ArtistThe elongated portraits and luxuriant nudes of Modigliani are instantly recognized as his personal style. Modigliani was Italian by birth, but lived in Paris for most of hi. Amedeo Modigliani, Arte Van Gogh, Google Art Project, Italian Painters, Edgar Degas, African Masks, Henri Matisse, Oeuvre D'art, Art Reproductions

Titos Patrikios

Amedeo Modigliani, The Young Apprentice TO KEEP LEARNING When some day you get to discover how many more illusions you sustained When you are made to acknowledge all those you had never wished to admit when even the last idol falls in which you used to put your faith only then you may get to learn how deep they go , how dark are the roots of every deed you took. Titos Patrikios, apprenticeship again ΝΑ ΜΑΘΑΙΝΕΙΣ Όταν φτάσεις κάποτε ν' ανακαλύψεις πόσες ακόμα αυταπάτες συντηρούσες όταν…

Hellenic Psyche and Poetic Eros: Titos Patrikios

Titos Patrikios

Spyros Vassiliou The problem with the pronouns We say we and we mean I we say you and we mean I we say he and mean I again . Basically only by “I” we can comprehend the other… Titos Patrikios Το πρόβλημα με τις αντωνυμίες Λέμε εμείς και εννοούμε εγώ λέμε εσύ και εννοούμε εγώ λέμε αυτός και εννοούμε πάλι εγώ. Στην ουσία μόνο με το εγώ μπορούμε να εννοήσουμε κάποιον άλλο. ~Τίτος Πατρίκιος