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Ceramic Christmas Ornaments - Scrafitto technique
Such a fun and unique way to create handmade Christmas decorations. Underglaze is applied to greenware. Once dry a pattern is scratched or carved into it to reveal the layer underneath. Loving the way these tuenwd out. #potteryvideo #handmadechristmasdecorations
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three ceramic ornaments are hanging on a white surface with gold chains and blue snowflakes
Handmade ceramic Christmas decorations
christmas ornaments are arranged in the shape of an ornament on a white surface
Ceramic christmas decor
DIY Rice Dyed Easter Eggs
All you need is food coloring, rice and plastic cups and you can dye eggs with rice! This is a great mess-free way to dye eggs so there’s no clean up when this Easter activity is done. Plus, get more of our favorite Easter egg decorating ideas. #eastereggs #howtodyeeastereggs #nomesseastereggs #ricedyedeggs #bhg
several pictures of different types of eggs and crayons
Creating Colorful Easter Eggs with Melted Crayons – Jenna Burger Design LLC – Interior Design & Architectural Consulting
eggs with carrots sticking out of them sitting on the ground next to each other
Hatching Chick Hard Boiled Eggs with Video Tutorial
Hatching hard boiled eggs with carrot legs...
Swirly Rubber Cement Easter Eggs
My new favorite way to decorate Easter eggs is now with rubber cement! It makes awesome designs and it’s so fun watching them in the new color. Unique easter egg decorating idea for kids. No eating eggs afterwards! Craft using fake eggs.
an egg carton filled with colorful painted eggs
9 Fun & Easy Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs with Kids
9 Fun & Easy Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs with Kids