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Easy Mashed Potatoes
ONLY BAKED POTATOES - star crossed garlic, cheese and bacon
Oozy, cheesy, garlic delicousness. This is INCREDIBLE.
ONLY BAKED POTATOES - star crossed garlic and cheese
Doused in butter, dripping in garlic and packed full of beautifully creamy cheese. It’s out of this world.
a close up of a casserole dish with cheese and peas in it on a wooden table
Only 1 word is needed for this dish: YUM!
Only 1 word is needed for this dish: YUM!
a bowl filled with food sitting on top of a wooden table next to a person
Smash Potato Salad
I am a smash potato fanatic. I’m also a huge potato salad fanboy so when I saw this viral smacked potato salad, I freaked out. Perfect for summer time, winter time, any time. Let’s get smashing!
a woman sitting at a table with a plate of food in front of her face
Jacket Potatoes with Beans
The popular recipe on British TikTok; Jacket Potatoes with Beans is a must try. Crispy but fluffy baked potatoes are mixed with butter, creamy baked beans, topped with gooey cheese. If you've never tried this popular combo, now is the time!
baked potato casserole in aluminum foil with parsley on the side, ready to be eaten
I can't seem to get tired of this recipe. It's been a fixture on my menu lately
a bowl filled with potatoes and bacon on top of a wooden table
Always a crowd-pleaser, this side dish is a must-try!
Always a crowd-pleaser, this side dish is a must-try!
some food is sitting on a blue plate
Ground Beef Baked Potatoes
Baked potatoes with ground beef made from sliced potatoes, ground beef, rich cream, onions, and topped with melted cheddar cheese. Perfect for a family dinner or a cozy night in. Top with additional cheese and green onions for extra flavor.
baked potatoes in a cast iron skillet with text overlay that reads ground beef baked potatoes
Savory Supper: Ground Beef Baked Potatoes for Dinner
Create a warm and inviting meal with our Ground Beef Baked Potatoes. This easy-to-make dish combines fluffy potatoes with a rich, savory beef filling, making it a hit for dinner time.
some food that is sitting on a table
Mashed Potato Cakes
These loaded Mashed Potato Cakes are your favorite twice baked potato in patty form, and the best use of leftover mashed potatoes! Great as a side or appetizer.
potatoes and other vegetables are mixed together in a slow cooker
Crock Pot Garlic Potatoes
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the best seasoned roasted potatoes perfectly crispy every time
The BEST Seasoned Roasted Potatoes You Can Make at Home
four air fryer baked potatoes in an air fryer
Air Fryer Baked Potato | With Crispy Outsides & Fluffy Insides!
This air fryer baked potato recipe makes perfect baked potatoes, with crispy outsides and tender insides. Just add your favorite toppings!