Medellin, Columbia Flower Festival

Silleteros at the Medellin Flower Festival - Flower Vendors

Beautiful Medellin -

Beautiful Medellin -

Spain Library Park in Medellin, Colombia. By Giancarlo Mazzanti (Considered one of the most innovative Library designs in the World)

Completed in 2005 in Santo Domingo, Colombia. Images by Sergio Gómez. Background and needs The Project is located on one of the hillsides that have been affected by the violence since the because of the drug.

Medellin, Colombia

Medellin Colombia Vacation Tourism Activities 2013

Medellín, Colombia: The City Of Eternal Spring Steals Our Hearts

Medellin - Colombia

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Parque Biblioteca Espana, Medellin Colombia

Biblioteca Espana in Medellin, Colombia. A beautiful building by architect Mazanti, located in once one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Colombia brought hope and inspiration.