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an image of hands with black gloves on top of them and instructions for how to do it
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thor cosplay tutorial | Tumblr Films, Loki Laufeyson, Avengers, Thor, Marvel, Film, Fandoms, Avengers Outfits, Child
thor cosplay tutorial | Tumblr
thor cosplay tutorial | Tumblr
the silhouettes of women with their measurements
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Tantric Tube Top and High Waisted Bottoms
a woman in a purple sweater and white socks is standing with her arms spread out
Mabel Pines light up sweater cosplay from Gravity Falls
several different types of women's clothing are shown in this drawing form, including one with
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One or two of these I actually like. Now I need my nerd girl buddies to wear these with me. Dibs on the Hulk!!
there is a woman wearing a green cape and leather skirt
two women dressed in costumes posing for the camera
[Found] Genderbent Tulio and Miguel from Road to El Dorado
ROAD TO ELDORADO CROSS PLAY! If anyone knows the source for this photo let me… More
how to draw a dress with plats
How to Art
How to Art More
a small crocheted stuffed animal wearing a yellow and black outfit with big ears
Loki 4 by Atruyis on DeviantArt
GEEK CRAFTS / Loki 4 by *Atruyis on deviantART
two women standing next to each other in front of a paper cutout with the shape of a dress on it
Reversible Corset Vest pattern and tutorial by Sindeon on DeviantArt
Reversible Corset Vest pattern and tutorial by ~Sindeon on deviantART
several pictures of different types of jackets
Jacket detail loki costume- ive actually made a loki cosplay coat using these roughly an i looove it :')
an anime character's outfit and accessories for the costume, including boots, headbands, and gloves
Female Hawkeye cosplay