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a merry christmas card surrounded by other holiday decorations
the circle of women around us are invisible nets of love that carry us when we break and sing with us, then we're strong
Brush Lettering with Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen
Brush Lettering with Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen
the upper and lower case of an old fashioned font with swirly letters on it
LHF Encore
LHF Encore™: Lovers of beautiful calligraphy and type will especially appreciate this elegant font family. LHF Encore lends itself to designs requiring a formal or professional appearance. With expertly balanced letters, Encore is perfect for creating quick logos. 19 bonus alternates are included for maximum control. You receive all 10 fonts.
the handwritten font and numbers for each letter
Handdrawn Catchwords Set (PNG, EPS)