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a white shirt hanging on an old door in a room with a bed and pillows
Anne Lauer (@anne_lauer) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram
a woman sitting on the floor in front of an oven holding a bowl with a spoon
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a woman laying on the ground next to a bowl of strawberries in front of a window
a woman sitting on the ground in front of a door
@ juliannacitlali
a woman in an orange dress leaning against a white wall
Vogue January 1993 | Meghan Douglas | Mario Testino
a woman laying on the ground in front of a window with a bowl of fruit
a woman laying on top of an inflatable raft floating on the ocean water
a woman sitting in a chair on top of a balcony next to the ocean reading a book
a woman is sitting in the window of a pink building
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