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a man and woman sitting on the floor in front of a bathtub with water
Kaz and Inej - Six of crows
🎨: adventuresinpaiges
an image of a woman sitting in the grass with her back turned to the camera
four different pictures of a woman in ballet attire
23 Funny Comics With Unexpected Twists And A Dash Of Dark Humor Made By This Artist
When asked, "How did comics come into your life?" 3Palec revealed, "I’ve never been interested in comics. It’s just type of art that can best convey a dynamic story in static. One illustration cannot convey the sequence of actions."
a drawing of a girl with flowers in her hair, holding onto the side of her face
a group of fish swimming next to each other on a green background with the words, did you know?
School of fish or fishes? - Random
The truth of the life
an instagramted photo of someone holding a pink mirror
Did this mirror just quote mean girls? I think it just quoted mean girls.
two pictures with people standing in front of each other and one is holding something up to the