Chika Wonah Who Controls the IOT-

Who Controls the IoT?

Chika Wonah Who Controls the IOT-

Hollywood and Cyber Security

Hollywood has a massive cyber security problem, and if it wants to continue turning profits, it'll have to address it sooner rather than later.

Chika Wonah Therapy Bots

Chika Wonah Therapy Bots

Smart Devices Vulnerable to Hackers

Whether your home is already hooked into the Internet of Things, or you’re shopping for your first smart device, there are lots of great products on the market

Binky: The App about Nothing | Chika Wonah | New Technology

It’s pure, unfettered nothingness, and it’s making a splash on the App store.

Chika Wonah Sole Power- The IoT and your Shoes

Chika Wonah Sole Power- The IoT and your Shoes

Chika Wonah Google Cloud IoT Core

I spend quite a bit of time at work, and since I don't work from home, my office often feels like a second home. While I have a window and a nice view, like

What You Need to Know About WannaCry

It’s unfortunate that it takes a large incident like this to open the eyes of businesses and companies to the value of implementing cybersecurity measures.

Why Kids should Learn to Hack and Code

Although computing is involved in nearly every aspect of our lives, it is rare to find an American high school that offers classes in computer science.

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