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an image of a house with stairs and black and white checkerboard flooring
Renovating A Classical Park Avenue Penthouse
the front door is open to reveal an entryway with crown molding and pendant light
Styling Console Tables
Beautiful entry.
a foyer with black and white checkered flooring
A Crimson Brushstroke - The Iconic Black and White Marble Floor
a vase with flowers on top of a table in front of a stair case and wallpaper
5 Stairwell Scroll Stoppers
an animal is hanging on the wall next to a red bench in a white room
the stairs in this house are decorated with black and white striped rugs, along with chandeliers
a large foyer with wooden floors and white walls, an iron chandelier hanging from the ceiling
an open door leading to a formal dining room
A Segreto Home For Sale! • Segreto Finishes
a bowl of soup with dumplings in it on a table next to a spoon
Ravioli & Vegetable Soup
Ravioli & Vegetable Soup - EatingWell.com
the hallway is decorated with black and white tiles, chandelier, and pictures on the wall
8 Sophisticated Interiors by French Designer Jean-Louis Deniot, Inc.
8 Sophisticated Interiors by Jean-Louis Deniot, Inc. | Architectural Digest