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Materia oscura. Los científicos afirman que el resto se compone de materia oscura en un 25 por ciento, y energía oscura 70 por ciento. Sin embargo, la materia oscura no ha sido observada directamente, ya que es invisible y no interactúa con la materia convencional o la luz. Pero las investigaciones más recientes soportan que existe debido a los efectos gravitacionales que se han observado en galaxias

Distribution of dark matter in the universe, as simulated with a novel, high-resolution algorithm at the Kavli Institute of Particle Astrophysics & Cosmology (KIPAC) at Stanford University and SLAC.


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The alluring Cat's Eye nebula, however, lies three thousand light-years from Earth across interstellar space. A classic planetary nebula, the Cat's Eye (NGC represents a final, brief yet glorious phase in the life of a sun-like star.

Luna especial

It is by pure coincidence that we exist on a planet and in a time when our star, the Sun, is covered exactly during total eclipse. No other known planet has total eclipse and at some point in the future they won't occur on Earth either.