Cargador solar

Window Socket, Kyuho Song, Boa Oh. Slap this guy on the bus window, and charge your phone.

SeedBomb. Bombas de semillas. /

Seedbomb is disassembled in the air and Seed capsules inside of the bomb spread out widely and fall on the ground.

Sustentable & Sostenible: El ecobarrio de Hammarby Sjöstad

Proposal maps out pneumatic tube system to take out New York's trash

Suecia se queda sin basura y debe importarla de Noruega

Sweden runs out of garbage, forced to import from Norway Sweden, a recycling-happy land where a quarter of a million homes are powered by the incineration of waste, is facing a unique dilemma: The nation has run out of much-needed fuel.

ALLPE Medio Ambiente Blog : Cómo cargar el teléfono móvil en la ventana

Solar energy undoubtedly is one of the best eco-friendly discoveries in the world. The XD Design solar window charger uses the solar energy to the optimum level. This window charger can be attached to the window easily and it comes with a small as well.

Sono, un 'gadget' que no aísla, sino que cancela el ruido exterior - Noticias de Tecnología

Sono, un gadget que no aísla, sino que cancela el ruido exterior. Noticias de Tecnología

Sono IoT noise cancellation device prototype for the connected smart home gives you peace and quiet in the city, replaces barking dogs and sirens with chirping birds.

Oficina de Sostenibilidad. Universidad Sevilla

Oficina de Sostenibilidad. Universidad Sevilla