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Pretty Polly Flinders       I  love the way Eugenie Wireman used inspiration from Eugene Field’s poem:  “The Rock-a-by lady from Hush-a-by Street  Comes stealing; comes creeping;  The poppies they hang from her head to her feet,  And each has a dream that is tiny and fleet—……”  Looks like a dream has just dropped from the Rock-a-by lady’s chain!  The school edition of “Pretty Polly Flinders” by Mary Frances Blaisdell.  Illustrated by Eugeni

Adult Fairy Moon

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La Vie Parisienne

Deco Femme Moon

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Amilita the label: Full Moon | vintage | 70s | art | graphic | book cover | trippy | psychedelic

Planet Ads and Mags

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Sighs and Whispers

Animals Sun

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Beautifully illustrated Tarot card of old. The Sun.
Winter Sun. Artwork: David Galchutt.

Sun Only

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Hester Margetson - English- (1890-1963)

Kids & Fairy Sun

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The Changeling - original watercolour by Ed Org.


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By Starlight


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1914 Evelyn De Morgan


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Herbert Paus - Amelia Earhart, cover of Women's Home Companion


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Wild Cats Moon

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Boulet Moon

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Femme Red Moon

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Moon Femme Phtos

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You Stole The Stars From The Sky by Nicole Bruckman
French Bulldog, Jeroen teunen

Space Dogs

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Cooper Edens


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Black and White Moon

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J. J. Grandville, Shepherd’s Star.
From Les Etoiles; Derniere Feerie by Joseph Mery and illustrated by Grandville, 1847.


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Art Nouveau - Artvee

Sun Ads and Mags

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Celestial Ceramic Tile


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Etoile d'Amour, 1907 (ill.: Antoni Utrillo); ref. 17655

Star Ads and Mags

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van gogh beauty

Space Cats

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The Devil Wears Pulsars - The Atlantic
"The North Stars, Anita et Selma Bellony, National Duo and the Best Dancers of the Era"   - Vintage French Sideshow Poster
French postcard sings a Japanese Ballad  To The Old Man In The Moon ~2

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