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a child's hand and foot print on a paper plate with rocks in it
DIY Stepping Stones: Kids Footprint Keepsakes- With DIY Cement Molds! - Making Things is Awesome
there are many colorful houses made out of cardboards and paper machics on the table
Paper Tube Fairy Houses
Paper Tube Fairy Houses. Recycled crafts. paper tube crafts. Fairy craft.
handprint paper lilies with text overlay that reads, handprint paper lilies
Handprint Paper Lilies
a child's hand holding up a yellow paper chick with feathers on its head
42 Fun and Easy Easter Crafts for Kids to Try out This Spring
homemade handmade potato easter egg stamps for kids to paint on the paper and decorate
DIY Potato Easter Egg Stamps for Kids
an easy and fun easter egg craft for kids to make with marble paper, glue and paint
Marbled Paper Easter Eggs - Typically Simple