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an open book with yellow text on it
The Mark of Athena
a girl with her eyes closed in front of a sign that says, when zeo nightshade died, she become stars
Is Atlas the son of Iapetus, idk.....
an open book with the words,'when percy decides being a god and then looks at anabeth says that her facial expression makes up for it
an open book with some writing on it
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an open book with the words rick when i catch you
“what have you done with him” is insane actually
an open book with two girls playing basketball on the street and one girl standing in front of her
🔱Percy Jackson🔱
four different types of wood are shown in this drawing process, each with lines drawn on it
an image of a cartoon character with a caption that reads, here in the percy jackson fandom we ship one of our main characters with a brick
an image of someone's twitter post about their trip to st louis
Remember when Percy Jackson jumped
two women are talking into a megaphone in a store with the words percy on it
the collage shows images from different places in the world, including buildings and water