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Gotta love Eddie Lacy looking nimble and explosive again. P90X certainly worked for him! What I love about the program is it benefits professional athletes as well as grandparents. It doesn't matter what fitness level you were at now it's about doing your best and forgetting the rest! STREAM IT FREE FOR 30 DAYS: http://stream.zillafitness.com/ #p90x #greenbaypackers #eddielacy
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Michael proved you can gain MASS with P90X! "I was in high school at the time I started P90X and had zero confidence. I felt terrible and was always hard on myself. I played sports in school and my size always held me back even though the talent was there, especially in football. I was already shorter than a lot of guys being only 5’8 and no matter what I did to try to gain weight and build muscle but nothing worked like P90X."