tropical rosetas

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a red, yellow and green ribbon with a horse on it is attached to the wall
Fall color rosettes from Regal Rosettes of Florida
there is a blue and orange flower on top of each other with ribbons around it
a pink and green flower with ribbons around it on a metal grate wall hanging
ribbons and badges are hanging on the wall in front of each other, as if they were made out of paper
an origami bear sitting in a basket with flowers
two framed pictures with colorful ribbons on them
the ribbons have been made to look like an origami flower and are very colorful
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three purple and green ribbons are attached to a fence
Наградные розетки
a decorative plate with blue and white flowers on the side, surrounded by pearls in center
Наградная розетка "Мелодия-1" ⋆ Мастерская «Долина Грёз»
Розетка •Мелодия-1• Ø 20,5 см цена 10,5 $
a blue and white decoration on the ceiling