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an open book that has been altered to look like it's being read by someone
Aether - 2013
Aether - 2013 | Handbound artist's book | Louisa Boyd | Flickr
three different types of decorative boxes with pictures on them
book report: papercraft design and art with paper
This is simply cutting and layering paper with space in-between. Yes, you could do this! I love the use of maps in this sculpture. by: Brian Dettmer
a card with an image of a room in the middle of it on top of a table
LibGuides: Artifacts in Special Collections: Works of art
Tunnel book from The Wonder Cabinet More
two pictures side by side, one with an image of men in suits and the other has writing on it
Libro de artista Lisa Kokin. "trofeo" compuesto de fotografías encontradas y encontrado texto. arriba, abajo: "la caridad" compuesta por fotografías cosidas, plumas, mondadientes, cartón y página de libros.
an origami box with children playing in the woods on it's sides
El mundo que queremos
Rompemos la cuarta pared, parafraseando a los amigos del teatro, en El mundo que queremos, publicado por la Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (Aecid). Elena Odriozola.
several photographs of different architectural designs on display in various stages of being cut and assembled
Bonduelle. Pop-up book
Bonduelle. Pop-up book by Anna Baggins, via Behance
an open book with pictures and paintings on the pages, sitting on top of a table
ABCs of Special Collections: P is for
pop up movable books vintage - Buscar con Google
someone is cutting out some blue blocks with scissors and glue on top of the paper
Pattern Matters: Tangible Paper Infographic
Materia Patrón: Tangible de Infografía de papel en Behance
an open book with pages cut out to look like a castle on top of it
a clear plastic box with writing on it
libro de autor
three open books are sitting next to each other on a white surface with a brown strap
Inicia sesión
Botanical journal Más
an open book with the image of a woman's face on top of it
Retratos escritos | Vecindad Gráfica Diseño Gráfico
Campaña de CollectivePromotion Dutch Literature, donde se muestran libros autobiográficos con el rostro de los personajes en la serie. Anne Frank
three pieces of art hanging on the wall next to each other with different patterns and shapes
Artistas Textiles.
** HECHO A MANO.CL ** ( Hecho en Chile).: Artistas Textiles.