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spaghetti tacos with meat, cheese and tomatoes in a skillet
Spaghetti tacos are a fun meal for a party or even a quick weeknight meal.
Looking for a fun fusion recipe, then look no further than this spaghetti tacos recipe. These are easy and fun to cook for a one pot meal. This recipe is easy and fun to make for the kids or for a crowd. Easy and quick, and fun to assemble! #spaghettitacos #spaghettitacorecipe #easyspaghettitacos #theshortcutkitchen
homemade honey garlic sauce in a glass jar
It is so easy to make this flavorful homemade honey garlic sauce.
A quick and easy honey garlic sauce is just the ticket to make ordinary dishes come alive with flavor! It's super easy to make and it goes with everything. Try it on pork or salmon, or have it on ribs or meatball dishes. This versatile sauce is sure to become a kitchen staple, with its delicious spicy, and savory flavors. #theshortcutkitchen
the ingredients to make mozzarella stuffed mini meatloaf
Mozzarella Stuffed Mini Meatloaf is a delicious personal size meal that freezes well!
Try something new with ground beef with this mozzarella stuffed mini meatloaf recipe. It won't take long to whip up this easy and quick recipe. Simply form the ground beef into balls, stuff them with mozzarella cheese and bake in muffin tins. These are so cheesy good! #mozzarellastuffedminimeatloaf #stuffedmeatloafrecipe #minimeatloaf #theshortcutkitchen
the best pineapple salsa is made with fresh pineapples, red peppers, and green onions
Pineapple Salsa is sweet and spicy, perfect for tortillas or to top salmon, grilled pork or tacos.
Have sweet and refreshing Pineapple Salsa ready for dipping. In this recipe, diced tomatoes, pineapple, cilantro, jalapeno, onion, and lime juice are mixed together for a delicious appetizer dish. Serve it with chips, or use it as a topping for tacos, fajitas, and salmon. Substitute mango or peaches in place of the pineapple, or add all three for a tasty and unique flavor combination. #pineapplesalsa #pineapplesalsarecipe #thebestpineapplesalsa #theshortcutkitchen
chocolate chip cookie dough balls in a white bowl
Cookie Dough Balls are a no-bake sweet treat that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!
These cookie dough balls will satisfy that urge to eat raw cookie dough but without all the dangers of doing so. These easy to make cookie balls are a no-bake creation that everyone will love. Simply mix the chocolate chips, sugar, butter, and flour, and then refrigerate. These are such delicious and tasty desserts. #cookiedoughballs #cookiedoughtruffles #chocolatechipcookiedoughballsrecipe #theshortcutkitchen
a pizza with broccoli, tomatoes and cheese on it is cut in half
Crescent roll Cold Veggie Pizza has a ranch-flavored cream cheese base topped with healthy veggies!
A helping of healthy vegetables and a creamy ranch spread tops a baked crescent roll dough crust in this Cold Veggie Pizza recipe. It's a quick and easy snack or appetizer with fresh garden vegetables like broccoli and peppers. Why not add chicken or salami to make this into a quick grab-and-go lunch. This crescent roll veggie pizza recipe makes it easy to eat a serving of healthy vegetables. #coldveggiepizza #recipecrescentrolls #withcreamcheese #theshortcutkitchen
shamrock shake in a cup with whipped cream, two straws, and a cherry on top with text Shamrock Shake Mcdonalds, Shamrock Shake Recipe, Booze Drink, Beverage Bar, Shamrock Shake, Mint Extract, Copycat Restaurant Recipes, Milk Shakes, Mouthwatering Recipes
Copycat Shamrock Shake Recipe
For a cool and creamy treat, make this copycat shamrock shake recipe! It’s every bit as good as the McDonald’s version, and so much fun to make with the kids. Just blend vanilla ice cream with half-and-half and mint extract, add a few drops of green color, top with whipped cream, and serve. Float some chocolate sauce on top, or use chocolate ice cream instead. #copycatshamrockshakerecipe #theshorcutkitchen #shamrockshakerecipe #mcdonaldsshamrockshake
baked carrot casserole in a white dish with a serving spoon on the side
This carrot casserole is made with a cheesy sauce, topped with potato chips, and baked until golden.
Carrot casserole makes a healthy dish that kids, and adults, will love. It's easy to make, creamy, crunchy and so delicious! Simply place frozen carrots in a casserole dish, mix mayonnaise, cheese and seasonings then spread over carrots. Crush up potato chips, sprinkle over everything and bake until golden. This recipe is so versatile, why not add some peas, zucchini, chicken, beef, or pork for added flavor? #carrotcasserole #carrotcasserolerecipe #casserolewithcarrotsrecipe #theshortcutkitchen
mashed potatoes with butter and parsley in a white bowl on a wooden table
It doesn’t take long to make a hearty and delicious side dish with these microwave mashed potatoes.
It doesn't take long to make perfect mashed potatoes with this easy microwave mashed potatoes recipe. Not only is it quick and easy to do, but it also makes creamy and delicious mashed potatoes with just a few ingredients. Begin with potatoes, such as Idaho or Russet, and broth for cooking. Then add a splash of milk and butter, and mash to desired consistency. So easy, creamy, and good! #microwavemashedpotatoes #mashedpotatoesinthemicrowave #mashedpotatoesrecipe #theshortcutkitchen
two slices of pizza with cheese and pepperoni on them, sitting next to the words cheesy pizza on texas toast
Make Texas toast pizza, with pepperoni and mozzarella, for a quick and easy light lunch or snack!
Texas toast pizza is an ideal snack or light lunch. It can also be served as a side with soup or stew for a hearty, full meal! Thick slices of Texas toast are covered with pizza sauce, shredded cheese, and pepperoni, then baked in the oven until melted, slightly browned and crisp. These mini pizzas are fun for the kids to make themselves, with toppings of choice. #texastoastpizzaoven #texastoastpizzarecipe #texastoastpizza #theshortcutkitchen
two jars filled with iced tea and lemon slices
This refreshing and delish Easy Sweet Tea Recipe is essential to survive the hot summer months!
Serve up a gallon of this delicious Sweet Tea Recipe alongside summertime favorites like fried chicken or hamburgers straight off the grill! 'Tis the season for all things sweet, cool and refreshing so this southern sweet tea is definitely high on the list of favorites. Adjust the sugar for fewer calories, or add a sugar-free alternative like stevia or monk fruit sweetener, to enjoy this tasty beverage guilt-free. #sweettearecipe #southernsweettea #besteasysweettea #theshortcutkitchen
french onion pork chops on a pan with the title overlay
Make this easy, oven-baked French Onion Pork Chops recipe smothered with a creamy onion sauce.
The family will love these creamy French Onion Pork Chops. Everyone will enjoy the tender and juicy pork smothered with all that creamy French onion sauce. And it tastes great served with rice or potatoes. Add a side salad and some rolls, and dinner is sure to be devoured by everyone. Or make this hot and hearty dish in a Crock Pot for potlucks and dinner parties! #frenchonionporkchops #theshortcutkitchen #smothered #bakedporkchopsrecipe
bacon cheeseburger meatballs with pickles on top and in the background text reads bacon cheeseburger meatballs
Bacon Cheeseburger Meatballs are bite-sized appetizers filled with cheesy flavor!
The flavor of these bacon cheeseburger meatballs will make it hard to eat just a few. Juicy and tender balls of meat are stuffed with cheddar cheese. These meatballs are so tender and they are just dripping with melted cheese. Serve them as an appetizer or as a main dish for dinner. #baconcheeseburgermeatballs #cheesestuffedmeatballs #cheeseburgermeatballs #theshortcutkitchen
a glass jar filled with flour next to a wooden spoon on top of a table
This Copycat Bisquick Recipe is a kitchen staple that is so easy to make!
A copycat Bisquick recipe is made with only four simple ingredients. There isn't much to make this DIY recipe. It is also great for adding to muffins, cobblers, pancakes, or waffles. This homemade recipe is the best in pantry staples. #copycatbisquickrecipe #copycatbisquickmix #bisquickrecipe #theshortcutkitchen
one pot pasta with tomatoes and parsley in a white bowl
Make this easy one pot pasta with a creamy tomato and garlic parmesan sauce for a delicious dinner.
Make this easy One Pot Creamy Tomato Pasta recipe for dinner tonight. Pasta is coated with a creamy homemade tomato sauce made with heavy cream and seasonings, plus tomatoes. This meal makes for a quick and healthy lunch or a light dinner. Add some chicken or beef for extra flavor or keep it vegetarian with mushrooms and broccoli added in! #onepotpasta #easyvegetarianrecipes #creamytomatopastarecipe #theshortcutkitchen