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a person holding a bottle of eau d'aromees sunshine perfume in their hand
15th Blogiversary giveaway: A Fragrance That Brings the Sunshine -
JAFRA Eau d'Arômes Sunshine Fragrance
Floral, Beauty Skin, Spa, Cosmetics, Find Beauty, Skincare, Care
a bottle of ogivan surrounded by lemons and limes on a green surface
JAFRA.com: Cosmetics, Skincare, Spa and Fragrance
Jafra B2C USA Site | Homepage
an image of a perfume bottle with flowers in the background and moss growing around it
Nature lovers, it’s your time to shine! 🤩
three small pots with plants in them next to a bottle of water and an empty box
Earthy. Joyful. Inspiring.
Our newest fragrance, JAFRA You Bloom, is a floral fruity green fragrance that comes in biodegradable paper cartons that are perfect for growing flowers in your garden🌱
Detox, Sunscreen, Cleanser, Royal Jelly
a bottle of perfume sitting on top of a white table next to a yellow wall
Gift her pure joy in a bottle!
an image of a bottle of perfume next to a sunflower
Make room on the shelf for a new favorite scent!
an advertisement for jafraa co featuring flowers and perfume bottles in blue water with the words, escape with beauty written on it
JAFRA.com: Cosmetics, Skincare, Spa and Fragrance
an advertisement for a birthday party with a man's mustache and glasses on it