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the water is crystal clear and blue
Isla Victoria - Bariloche
Buenos Aires, Bariloche
a clock tower sitting on the side of a building next to a body of water
a white plate with writing on it sitting next to a bouquet of flowers and a wine glass
hermosa sorpresa de propuesta de novia 😻💖
a road sign on the side of a dirt road
Ruta 40. Mendoza. Cuyo. Argentina
two white plates topped with waffles and fruit next to glasses of orange juice
a snow covered path in the woods with trees on either side and blue sky above
brc bariloche cerro
the sign for patton's coffee is hanging from an old wooden post in front of some trees
Highlights, Bacon, Namaste, Study Life, Feed Aesthetic, Studying Life, Good Vibes, Cheese Board
¿Cómo sentirme bien? #amorpropio
there is a cup of tea next to a book and a bottle on the table
Siempre Mate!
several bottles of alcohol are sitting on the counter