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the early century, children were regularly fed 'worm cakes' to keep tapeworms at bay. Such 'medicine' was unpopular and often tasted revolting. The cakes in this tin have been made more palatable through the addition of chocolate flavouring. And So It Begins, London Museums, Medical History, Vintage Tins, Old Ads, Interesting History, The Good Old Days, Vintage Advertisements, Trivia

Worm Cakes

Exploring 20th Century London offers this explanation of these worm cakes: In the early 20th century, children were regularly fed 'worm

Canned Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, plus Canned BBQ Chicken Sandwich. Or Candwich, that is. Definitely some weird canned foods. Gross Food, Weird Food, Scary Food, Stupid Inventions, Strawberry Butter, Food Humor, C'est Bon, Dog Food Recipes, Ideas

30 WTF Canned Foods

You thought the hamburger in a can was weird? Well you ain't seen nothing yet. (Via Awesome Robo!)

Salty Watermelon Pepsi was a limited edition flavor sold in Japan. Unfortunately, the beverage lived a short life in the summer of Coca Cola, Weird Food, Le Chef, Looks Yummy, Consumer Products, Saveur, Yummy Drinks, Junk Food, Pop Tarts

11 Crazy Soda Flavors You Won't Find in the U.S.

You're familiar with Coke and Pepsi's classic flavors, but outside the U.S. there's a whole host of unusual soft drink flavors you may not have tried.

Tuna Eyeball, eaten in Japan and China 15 Strangest Foods (strange foods, bizarre foods) - ODDEE Gross Food, Weird Food, Jello Recipes, Snack Recipes, Japanese Snacks, Exotic Food, People Eating, World Recipes, Food Humor

Anyone up for a little tuna eyeball? This dish isn't hard to find in China and Japan.