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Information about HD security camera systems, HD surveillance DVRs, and other equipment used in high defintion CCTV systems.
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CCTV Video Multiplexer vs DVR
CCTV Video Multiplexer vs DVR for Live Security Camera View
CCTV video multiplexers are a great solution to display live video from multiple security cameras on one screen. However, you may want to use a DVR if you also want to access your cameras remotely. I discuss further in my latest video.
a man holding up his camera next to an image of a house under construction and a security camera
Construction Site Security Camera
This Viewtron IP camera works great as a construction site security camera. Watch this video to see how this Viewtron AI security camera monitors the construction of the swimming pool at Mike's house. The person detection function of the camera triggers an alarm whenever a human enters the construction zone. A push notification is sent to the mobile app on Mike's iPhone so that he knows someone is on-site.
a car parked in a parking lot with a security camera attached to the side of it
License Plate Capture vs License Plate Recognition Cameras
LPC, LPR, and ANPR are the most used acronyms that describe different types of license plate cameras and surveillance recorders (DVRs and NVRs). The goal of this video is to help clarify how these terms are typically used by security manufacturers.
an image of a man in the parking lot with his arms up and two cameras on each side of him
several shots of cars parked in front of a building with cameras on the side of them
LPR / ANPR Camera System
We recently did more testing with our Viewtron license plate recognition system. Watch the video demo here.
an image of a car detector and traffic counter camera
Traffic Counting Camera
Viewtron IP cameras can be setup as traffic counting cameras when used with a Viewtron AI NVR. Watch video demo here.
an image of a security camera and several other pictures with the words face dettion
AI Face Recognition Camera
Watch this video to see how a Viewtron AI face recognition camera is integrated with an access control system to open a door lock.
an image of a cctv camera and other equipment
CCTV POS Integration
Viewtron DVRs have built-in retail point of sale security integration. Overlay cash register transaction text on your security camera recordings.
a car parked in a parking lot next to a security camera
AI Security Camera Car Detection
Viewtron AI security cameras can detect cars and people with extreme accuracy even at night. Object detection with AI cameras is much more accurate and reliable compared to traditional video motion detection in video surveillance applications. Watch a video demo on this page to see for yourself.
a car is parked in front of a security camera
LPR Camera System Video Demo
Check out this new video demo of our Viewtron LPR camera system. This is an IP camera and NVR with built-in license plate recognition (LPR) and automatic number plate reader (ANPR) software. Great for HOA community entrances, gated entries, parking lots, and roadway systems. We design LPR systems for customers worldwide.