Glow in the Dark Hair Color Is one of the latest lit hair trend this year. This trending hair color Also known as blacklight hair. The style feeds desire to have fun-colored hair during the day, bu…

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Soda, Track, Drink, Sodas


Manic Panic Pastel-izer - turns any manic shade to pastel. shows up in level 10 platinum hair

Barbie, Track, Barbie Doll, Barbie Dolls

do-re-mila: “ Saw her right before I hopped on the tube and asked to take her photo. Her reason for having multi-colored hair: “I was getting tired of all the white, so I said why not!

Did you know that in China there is a fashion craze going on where wealthy elite's kids are having their dogs groomed, dyed and painted to look like other animals? Frankly I am not too sure this isn't "animal abuse in the name of fashion.

I love my hair