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an eye with stars around it and the words pera vicda
Moon Magic Digi Downloads
a woman taking a selfie in front of a mirror with flowers on the counter
the words tu puedes hacerio written in cursive font on a blue background
the word calm written in different colors
Prosa de Cora
the words call me in different colors on a pink background
three flowers on a pink background with the words pacificn cia above them in black and white
a drawing of a man looking at himself in the mirror with his head sticking out
a drawing of a cross with roots in it and the words i'm raiz est
there is a drawing on the back of a bag that says, we've never seen so porue tes had i do it
an altered collage of mermaids and fish with words written in spanish on them
México es cultura
the collage has pictures of women in different styles and colors, including one woman wearing sunglasses