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Celestial Fang ✨COMMERCIAL COMMS OPEN! on Twitter

“My methods for coloring! Please share with friends who would find this helpful 🌈 (Continued below) #arttutorial #イラスト #illustration #conceptart #ArtistOnTwitter”

(CLOSED) 5 EUR Kisses ychs by TheHobbyHorse on DeviantArt

Back with some ychs 'cause i love doing them. I'll open 10 slots for these and then I promise I'm going to open commissions again. I still haven't solve... (CLOSED) 5 EUR Kisses ychs

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Anime-Style Skin Coloring Tutorial

In anime-style character illustrations, the way you paint the skin is important for bringing out your character's appeal! Use soft blush, highlights, and shadows to create a three-dimensional effect. Artist Nanniimo explains the steps in detail.

닌탱 on Twitter

“아 흑흑 수업중에 그리던거 잇엇는데 저장 잘못해서 날려먹은거 지금 깨달았어 (그림이랑은 상관없는 말)”

닌탱 on Twitter

“아 흑흑 수업중에 그리던거 잇엇는데 저장 잘못해서 날려먹은거 지금 깨달았어 (그림이랑은 상관없는 말)”

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i literally love how your color and shade if it’s ok do you have any tips on digital coloring? you don’t have to answer this if you don’t feel like it :) thanks!! hello friend!! i have a tutorial i...

Референсы, уроки и анатомия художников (РУАХ)

Склад фотореференсов, (16+) ( 18+) для некоммерческого использования ( в качестве учебно-наглядного материала) Ссылки на альбомы по позам - в


I think the title says it all (@w@) Send me ideas of monster Oneshots you want me to make while ill be making scenarios :> Plz go easy on me ,this is my first story on Wattpad ●~● PEACE OUT (●_●)

Inspired Encounter: The Spellweaver

image credit: Eric Belisle. I know it's not truly a Spellweaver depicted here but I like to imagine them this way. Also imagine it has only 6 arms :) The Spellweaver is a traditional Dungeons and...

C:. Jyr by Remarin on DeviantArt

For: Hope you like it!! Process video: I had quite a bit of fun with this one man, thinking back, just a couple years ago I would'v... C:. Jyr

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“7월 11일 부터 월/목 8시~11시 저녁수업도 오픈하게되었습니다!!”