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an image of different types of people's faces
Tuesday tips de Normand Lemay
Normas básicas de dibujo, acting y composición. Enfocado al mundo de la animación y el storyboard. Sencillo y directo. A empollar, gente.
an image of a creature with spikes and claws
The Predator by PatrickBrown on DeviantArt
Artista del día: Patrick Brown
the star wars are getting ready to fight with each other, and they're fighting for
Movies – theCHIVE
Just some good ol’ Star Wars jokes (34 Photos) : theCHIVE
various cartoon characters are depicted in this drawing
Preston Blair - Cartoon Animation | Download Free PDF | Perspective (Graphical) | Walking
Preston Blair - Cartoon Animation
some sketches of people riding bikes and motorcycles
Vicious Circle: Character design
Vicious Circle-character design by Jae Il Son, via Behance
a drawing of a man in suspenders holding a flower and looking at the camera
¡Feliz viernes a todos! Ojear bocetos es una parte de las artes gráficas que me encanta, por eso creo que voy a continuar publicando posts en esta categoría. Me apasiona ver los primeros garabatos de diseñadores a lápiz o color, ver de dónde parte el arte final y como con unas cuantas líneas a mano alzada,
an animated scene with the words things die it's part of life, it's bad to kill but it's not bad to die
The Best Movie Lines
- The Iron Giant 1999
a drawing of a robot sitting on top of a tree
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El gigante de hierro ★★★
a drawing of a clown looking at a child with a red balloon in his mouth
Todos flotan. Todos flotan
a drawing of a deadpool character with two swords in his hand and the caption reads,
Tremendos dibujos de deadpool a lapiz facil de hacer
dibujos de deadpool a lapiz carboncillo
two pictures with flowers and birds on them, one is in the shape of a heart
What Jane Saw: Photo
three different views of an animal with fire coming out of it's back legs
a drawing of a human heart with trees growing out of it and birds flying around
Great Illustrations by Enkel Dika