"Longing for home home amongst the stars" watercolor gouache by qinniart

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vsrsd: “ Artist & Illustrator: Qing Han “Galaxy” 3 gouache Colours (Windsor & Newton) size 1 and 4 watercolour brushes cotton, Cold Press Watercolour Paper, local art store Brand (Opus) W&N.

Galaxy Queen I’m totally losing track of what I’ve posted here before haha; granted, I posted a video of this here already but here’s the actual image :D. Sorry, I keep forgetting to upload these here~ Tools: Windsor & Newton gouache, Talens Japan.

The Reader with Flowers - Print of Watercolor Painting - by Heatherlee Chan - Lady Poppins

Finger Painting, To Draw, Stylus, Births, Fingers, Tired, Art Illustrations, Pencil, Style

Classy tattoo lady - pencil gouache version by qinniart

Starred Freckles - Watercolor + Gouache Painting Timelapse by Qinni of painting girls face with star space hair