Caro Acosta vergel

Caro Acosta vergel

Caro Acosta vergel
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When you let it really sink in how far they've come in these years..its just, wow

U r a true directioner if u know what this means :-) this is so true & amaZayn

The stairs!

our boys on the stairs. They may be growing up and their outside may change, but they'll always be the five idiots on the stairs that I fell in love with and became a Directioner for.

Oh my goshness and the way he says brothers " brudders" oh and mother "mudder" oh my gosh just want to wake up every morning to his Irish accent is that to much to ask for!


There's a difference between a friendship (bromance/sistership) and true love. some people (not naming names or calling anyone out) dont know the difference