Colombia: The Coffee Park~~~~The park is located in coffee Montenegro (Quindio), has many gardens, a roller coaster with more attractions for children, and those who like to know the Nature of coffee, with a guide showing the route of manufacture there is also a cable car, (see Pic) and it is certainly a good idea for families who like to share the outdoors.

Colombia: The Coffee Park. The park is located in coffee Montenegro (Quindio), has many gardens, a roller coaster, cable car.

Gorgeous - Guatapé, Antioquia, Colombia.

Orange house - you can have the big house, I'll take the boat house, cute, compact, hope it's move-in ready.

Tryptique Architects Loducca Advertising Agency Sao Paulo Colombia Street

Luminous, Transparent Mixed Use Tower Will Mark the Skyline of Saint-Malo, France

Si estas pensando en Colombia para tus vacaciones, te recomendamos que tengas en cuenta visitar el Parque Nacional Tayrona. Ubicado en la costa atlántica colombiana, se caracteriza por su paisaje tropical, sus formaciones coralinas, sus manglares y lagunas, y sobre todo por sus playas de arena blanca.

Created in the Tayrona National Park is a vast nature reserve along the Caribbean coast northeast of Santa Marta. Tayrona National Park, Ecohabs Tayrona located on Cañaveral beach, Columbia

I love these mini-libraries in bogota, colombia! they bring books to every neighborhood. (photo via african library project) // The Accessible City

Library in the park, Bogota. This stand makes part of the Paradero Para Libros Para Parques (PPP), a program created about 10 years ago to help promote literacy across the country. The program is part of Fundalectura in association with city parks.

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