Torta de Plátano Maduro

Torta de Plátano Maduro

Ajiaco Santafereño. Deliciosa sopa típica colombiana. Preparada a base de papa, con pollo y mazorca.


Ajiaco Santafereno---Colombian Chicken and Potato Soup, delicious


16 Deliciosas recetas con plátano que harán de tu vida algo mejor

Colombian food: Aborrajados (Ripe Plantain Fritters) This delicious side dish or snack can be prepared in different ways. If you like, you can add some guava paste between the plantains to go along with the cheese.

Arepas de Yuca

Arepas de Queso (Cheese Arepas)

These Arepas de Yuca are delicious as a side dish or paired with hot chocolate for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Arroz Atollado (Colombian recipe)

Arroz Atollado Colombiano (Colombian-Style Pork Risotto)

Arroz Atollado: This is a typical rice and pork dish from the Colombian region ” Valle del Cauca”. It’s perfect to feed a crowd.

Colombian Sudado de Albondigas

Sudado de Albóndigas

Sudado is a very common dish in Colombia. You can also make sudado with chicken, beef or pork instead of meatballs. My grandmother made this Sudado de

Pasteles de Arroz (Rice Tamales) |

Pasteles de Arroz (Rice Tamales)

There are as many variations of tamales as there are departments in Colombia. Families use varying techniques and ingredients to achieve their own special tamal

Tamales Tolimenses (Tolima Region Tamales)|

Tamales Tolimenses (Tolima Region Tamales)

Tamal is an important dish in Colombian cuisine and you'll find them on almost all traditional Colombian restaurant menus.

Arepas con queso (receta colombiana)

Arepas con queso (receta colombiana)

Sancocho de pollo Colombiano

Sancocho de Gallina o Valluno