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In winter season, women would love to apply nail art designs. Brown nail designs are very popular among women. check here 30 Amazing Brown Nail Designs.


I like the idea of something different on the ring finger. Maybe a french manicure with a glitter tip on the ring finger

newspaper nails

Paint on desired nail polish color and let dry completely. Cut strips of newspaper big enough to cover your entire nail. Dip nail in rubbing alcohol then cover nail completely with newspaper strip. Pull of slowly and enjoy!

White nails with glitter accent

Simple-white-nails-and-green-glitter-accent-nail-art Glitter Accent Nail Art - Ideas for Accent Nails That Update Your Manicure

Princess nails

(No More Waity Katie) by Butter London, I really like this purple/lavender color that would look good on Most skin tones, even "cool" skin tones.

Nail ideas

pink creme nail polish silver glitter accent nail Pretty nails + Starbucks in hand.


Simple Pink Leopard Print Nails - Light or medium pink base; let dry; then 1 or 2 shades darker randomized pink spots =]