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an ironing board sitting on top of a wooden desk next to a sewing machine
the shelves are filled with many different types of cards and books in white, ornate frames
11 Ideas for Displaying Your Crafts & Cards | Luvin Stampin
an old fashioned typewriter sitting next to a wall covered in pictures
My Studio’s Vintage Fabric Swatch Portraits
the laser marker is in its package and it's ready to be put on
craft studio harbor freight laser marker
an ironing board with lots of buttons on it and plastic bins under the drawers
Shelving Systems, Wall Shelving & Adjustable Storage Shelf Systems by Elfa - The Container Store
Quilting...ironing station with lots of fabric storage.
many spools of thread are lined up on a table next to each other
Thread Storage
Using golf tees to attach bobbin to spool of thread. Now I can just grab the spool with attached bobbin and I'm good to go. =)
there is a tray that has many jars on it and a sign with the word glitter
creative glitter storage from ribbon, glitter, and glue
Gasp! This makes me want to collect tiny shakers and keep lots of glitter around just for pretty sake!
several spools of thread are hanging on a wall
This item is unavailable | Etsy
SEW Vintage Wooden Spool Art on Barn Wood Craft Room Decor
two pictures of a glass jar with some straws in it and the words glue stix
Use a Parmesan cheese container to store glue sticks.
a red piece of cloth on top of a wooden ruler with a measuring tape next to it
Susie's Single Mesh Roller, Mesh Holder,mesh Dispenser, Susie's Wreaths and Things Mesh Roller, Ribbon Holder, Ribbon Dispenser - Etsy
Susies Mesh Roller, Deco Mesh Holder, Deco Mesh Dispenser, Susies Wreaths and Things Mesh Roller. As demonstrated on my live videos, here is the deco mesh roller that I use to hold my doco mesh while I cut and measure it. This is the perfect tool for all wreath makers. This mesh
two shelves with different types of fabric on them, one is open and the other is closed
20 Fabric Storage Ideas - The Scrap Shoppe -
DVD holders for a fabric stash! | REPINNED