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Atheism: We-Think-More Wise Words, Sayings, Question Everything, What To Say, Truth, Hypocrisy, Words
Atheism: We-Think-More
a lit candle with the caption, the greatest battles are won when you pray
an image with the quote i am not evil, i am not fallen and i am not a sinner, i am not a abomimationion
Science Nature, Perspective, Science Rules, Science And Nature, Science, Atheism
Bipartisan Report
a spiral galaxy with the words, when i exclaim, oh god, i am not referring to any actual god
#god #ohmygod #OMG #atheist #atheism
an image of spock on god with caption
a blue poster with the words, enough already you are not being told to change your beliefs
Tribel | Take back social.
a sign that says, whenever a christian complaints about something i think what's wrong praying didn't work?
The invisible man in the sky have "another plan"
a skeleton holding a fish in his hand with words below it that say give a man a fish and feed him for a day
two hands holding an open hand with the words god cannot't really exit it is an empty concept that has lingered since