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the virtual classroom activities for zoom and google meet are shown in blue chevrons
Distance Learning Activities for Zoom or Google Meet - Not So Wimpy Teacher
English Word of the Day: DARING English Idioms, English Vocabulary Words Learning, English Words, Slang Language, Descriptive Words
Olé! 8 Spanish Words Used in English -
English Word of the Day: DARING
a yellow post it note with the words definition and an adverb describes or gives more information about a verb, an adjective or another adverb
ANY word that does this is an adverb, not just the ones that end in -ly. If you say, "I don't use adverbs," guess what? You just did... :-)
an action verb is a word that tells what a person does
Amanda Patterson
a poster with the words conjunctions and instructions in purple, on a white background
Conjunctions & Interjections - The Plain Language Programme
a poster with words and pictures on it that says, nourish & pronouns
Nouns and pronouns CTP5702
Nouns and pronouns CTP5702
a poster with the words prepositions on it
Amanda Patterson
English grammar - Prepositions (and at - and you never end a sentence with a preposition)
an orange poster with the words adverbs on it
Definition of Adverb with examples
the four rules for children to use in their classroom
Sunday School Rules - In My World
Sunday School Rules FREE poster
a poster with the words our class rules and pictures on it in different colors, including black
Our Class Rules