Teamwork and Collaboration

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some candy candies are laying on top of a white sign that says tell us
Get to Know Your Group with the M and M game
Free Printable m and m get to know you activity
children are sitting at a table playing with paper cups and stringing around the tree
Teamwork: Cup Stack
A cooperative activity that promotes including everyone. Lots of modeling & discussion would make this great for building community.
two children are using sticks to draw a target on the paper that they are holding in their hands
Teamwork: Cup Stack Take 2
Samen een spiraal binnen de lijnen tekenen.
an image of a colorful art display with many different colors and shapes on the wall
Oeuvre collective (pepourlavie)
Everyone gets a square with a quarter circle, this is the end result!
the words we not me are shown in multicolored letters on a white background
"Change The Thought" print. We love this idea especially in an election year. Perfect for conveying the collective power of democracy. #typography #posters #design
two children are playing with toys in the classroom
Katie Morris Art
Building with recycled materials - center for early finishers
some people are preparing food in a kitchen together and one person is wearing blindfolds
Bonding time in Food Art 11
"Blind Trust" Lab from @Joseph Cohen Jonge Cohen Jonge Cohen Tong
a young boy standing in front of a large piece of art hanging on the wall
Getting CLOSE in the Art Room!
reproduction of famous painting--Done with Post-it notes with Elementary Students!!! (great example of art education that brings together art fundamentals of shading and color for a large group of kids to work on together-and a perfect blend of process and product). (probably some math in there too?)
an art display with many hand prints on it
Artwork by RJSE1
Like this for a family handprints collection with their names and their birthdate on it. Great gift for grandma.
several people are sitting on the floor playing with cups and threading them to strings
A new year a new group!
Cup Challenge - groups work together to stack cups in a pyramid using string and a rubber band.