Camilo Ramirez Castillo

Camilo Ramirez Castillo

Camilo Ramirez Castillo
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Los 10 peores trabajos de informática #infografia #infographic

When you think of Information Technology as a field, do you think of electrocution, exposure to insects, or violence? This infographic exposes the dark underbelly of IT with these most dangerous (or just grossest) jobs in the field.

Infografía: Big Data, presente y futuro

Data management infographic liked by > Infographic: Big Data, Present, and Future. Predictions and trends for big data to

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The defininive history pf Bitcoin #infographic

History of Bitcoin [INFOGRAPHIC] The history of Bitcoin told in a simple infographic has arrived. Rising from the wreckage of the subprime mortgage crisis in the mighty Bitcoin arrived on the cryptocurrency scene.