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Camilo Jimenez

Camilo Jimenez
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Oak Tree Tattoo on Wrist

Could do a dead oak and a small baby oak next to the dead one, or on branch of life on the dead oak. Meaning she's been through a lot of things in her life that have killed her spiritually but she will always over come her trials in life.

Candice Tripp. bear. birds. nest. tree. animals. art. illustration.

South African born artist Candice Tripp creates oil and ink visions of eerie fairy tales in her imaginative representations. After moving to London in 2004 in hopes of pursuing a fashion career, Candice Tripp has since become a full time painter

Anubis and Ra,  Dioses egipcios de la muerte y el sol respectivamente. Se vería épica en un hombro o parte de una manga.

Anubis and Ra, Egyptian gods of death and the sun respectively. Would look epic on a shoulder or part of a sleeve.

#Usted no podrá creer estos tatuajes celestes impresionantes 32...

Solar System Temporary Tattoo - Planet Tattoo - Celestial Tattoo - Space Tattoo by SymbolicImports on Etsy This is a temporary but I would like the real thing